Rumman Company is an innovative Media and Publishing House based in Saudi Arabia. Rumman is best described as a holding company that owns, operates and manages ventures that are in new media publishing and producing industries.

Keeping social values in mind and thinking with a social conscience cannot be mimicked or faked. When you truly care about your city, your country, your countrymen and women, you will produce work that touches them in a way no amount of calculation can.
— Enas Hashani, CEO

our services

Publishing solutions

Consultancy - License - ISBN   Marketing - Distribution - Epublishing and more.

Production SOLUTIONS

Full design and print solutionsCorporate and Commercial Printing Print Quality Control and more.

Project Management

Scheduling and planning - Budget monitoring - Workflow engineering - Weekly status reports  and more.

Content Development

Content guidelines - Content writing and editing - Copyediting - Proofreading - Translation and more.